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Measure the installation height of valve guide before disassembly


Zhonghai shipping spare parts manufacturing Co., Ltd specialized in producing various engine parts ,such as engine valve ,valve seat,valve guide ,starting valve etc.

The role of the valve guide is to ensure the reciprocating linear motion of the valve, so that the valve and the valve seat are tightly closed. When the overhead valve valve mechanism is installed, the top end of the valve guide tube has a size requirement from the upper plane of the cylinder head. This dimension is the installation height, which is called the amount of catheter protrusion. Here we have a 4115 engine that has been regularly repaired. At the time of running-in, the operating sound is accompanied by a sound similar to that of the piston striking the piston. The rocker shaft support cannot be fixed and it always beats. For a long time, the rocker arm of the fourth cylinder exhaust valve was broken at a small cross section near the adjusting bolt. Upon inspection, it was found that the number of valve stems that were replaced during repair exceeded the standard value. In particular, the fourth cylinder exhaust valve conduit is 9.6mm higher than the standard extension. Here, the valve spring has collided with the top end of the valve guide tube before the downstream end of the valve, and the push rod still needs to continue upward, resulting in the above failure. For engines that have not found the amount of valve stem extension before disassembly, measure the amount of protrusion before replacing the valve guide and then assemble the valve guide in that size.

We accept customize ,can fabricate engine parts according to sample or drawings,any interesting contact us lily.k(at)zhonghaiship(dot)com

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